What is DUI School in Tampa, Florida?

If you have been convicted for a DUI charge in Tampa, Florida, then you may have to go to a DUI school as a compulsory part of your sentence. Going to DUI school may make it easier for your DUI lawyer to get you a hardship license if your license has been suspended.

The DUI Level I course is designed for drivers who are first time DUI offenders. The court, or the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV), will make a decision whether you have to complete the course. The course takes place in a classroom and it is twelve hours long.

The Level I course is only designed for drivers who have never attended a DUI course before.

When you register, you are required to provide:

  • a photo ID
  • a copy of your arrest report
  • a copy of your citation or ticket
  • a copy of the probation order (if sentenced) or court order
  • your driving record.

It normally takes about an hour to register and you will have to pay the full fee at that time. The course lasts for three evenings and makes up a total of 12 hours.

You are not allowed to drink any alcohol or use any other controlled substance, either before you arrive at the course each day, or while the class is underway. A breath test might be given at the start of each session. If your test is positive, then you are expected to pay for the whole course all over again.  To avoid any unnecessary confusion when you take a breath test, it is best not to use any sort of mouthwash or a medication such as cough syrup or Nyquil, either before you arrive, or at anytime throughout the classroom period.

Once you have arranged your class and your DUI assessment and consultation, the Southwest Florida Safety Council will mail you a receipt for your evaluation and assignment. This will also include the DUI Program and the Rules and Regulations. If you can’t attend the class you have arranged, or the evaluation, you must change the dates at least 5 days before the dates you have been assigned, or you will have to pay a fee for the rescheduling.

As the DUI Level 1 course is for first offenders only, you will be penalized if you have failed to tell the truth. If found out, the Southwest Florida Safety Council can charge you for the total amount of the DUI Level 2 program fee, which will then be compulsory.

Attendance at the DUI Level 2 course is for drivers who have already attended a DUI Level 1 course. This could be at any time throughout your driving life.  If you fail to complete the whole program, or just part of it within 90 days of payment and enrollment  the DHSVM will be informed, and you will lose any fees you have already paid.

Attendance at DUI school is compulsory and any attempt to avoid attending it will only make things more difficult for yourself in the long run.