Plea Bargaining and DUI

When you are stopped and arrested for DUI there are various ways that are available to deal with the charge. However, it is very difficult to negotiate with the prosecution without the help of a DUI attorney in Tampa. The choices available are related to court pleas.

Some courts make available plea options so that they can speedily keep the backlog of cases to a minimum. At the same time, some of the plea options mean that the state will save on the cost of imprisoning offenders by providing alternative penalties. These plea arrangements also often mean that the state collects money from the guilty party while he or she is on probation. Plea bargaining commonly takes place for those who are 1st time DUI offenders.

Arrested for a DUI in Florida

If you’ve been charged for DUI in Tampa, for example, you would normally not admit guilt unless your chosen defense lawyer tells you to.  This means that you are more likely to get the option later on to accept or negotiate a court plea. If you plead guilty at the onset of the DUI arrest, then your lawyer will not have the time to investigate your case thoroughly and build up a favorable defense. If you hold on to your guilty plea your case will eventually end up in a trial when a jury or a judge will make a decision about your case.

Facts About a Plea Bargain

A plea bargain is commonly used by prosecutors and defense attorneys as a way of reaching a quick resolution to a DUI case. However, they are negotiated deals and the offers presented are not all the same. If you are in this situation, your defense lawyer will explain the effects of agreeing to a plea bargain.

A common example of a plea bargain is when you are told if you agree to the plea bargain you will not have to serve any time in jail, but your loss is that the DUI conviction will be permanently recorded on your criminal record. This situation could mean you have to deal with many future obstacles, including keeping your current job or seeking another one, purchasing an auto and getting a loan. 

A few DUI plea deals between you and the prosecution that offer to dismiss your conviction will tie you down to a costly probationary period, which if you fail to conform to will have even worse outcomes. Jail time, for instance, will be almost inevitable.  The situation of a DUI arrest can get quite complex and if you fail to understand the consequences of the plea deal then you may not have chosen the best situation for yourself. The only way you can be assured of taking the right course is to use the experience of a DUI attorney who through dealing with countless plea bargains knows what the outcome is likely to be for you. You should ensure you hire an attorney as early as possible so that there is time to negotiate and reach a satisfactory solution to your DUI offense.


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